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Wat Xieng Mouan
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The construction of this temple was ordered by King Chantarath (r.1851–72) in  1853 to house some particularly melodious temple drums  which he had acquired. Consequently, the original name of the temple meant Monastery of the Melodious Sounds. For reasons lost in time, the name has changed to mean Monastery of the Amusing City. A school on the premises of the temple, inaugurated by UNESCO with a grant from the Norwegian government, aims to preserve traditional art forms in Laos. Novice monks produce various forms of traditional arts and crafts, such as stenciling, woodcarving, lacquer- work, and cement sculpture.  These products are on display in a small exhibition hall within the premises. The sim of the temple features a veranda encircling the entire building with impressive columns in the front. The drums that inspired the temple’s construction are kept in a temple of their own in the front left corner of the compound.

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