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Wat Nong Sikhunmuang
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Originally constructed with wood in 1729, during the reign of King Inta Som, Wat Nong Sikhunmuang was completely destroyed by a fire in 1774. The only surviving piece of the original temple is a bronze statue of the Buddha known as Pha Sao Ong Sanesakid. The statue was originally brought here by a local merchant whose raft grounded mysteriously near the temple after a harrowing journey downriver from Thailand.

The current structure, restored by Thai arti-sans in the 19th century, is rather contemporary, and painted in bright colors. Of architectural interest is the elaborate roof referred to as dok so faa; its 15 parasols suggest a royal connection since para sols are symbolic of royalty in Laos. Staircases on either side of the temple are adorned with naga balustrades. This temple  attracts many Buddhist visitors, particularly during festivals, because of the Pha Sao  Ong Sanesakid. Now housed in the wat’s sim, this sacred statue is said to be endowed with special powers to grant the wishes of supplicants.

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