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What to Expect
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Laos is the least developed and least populated of all Southeast Asian and Indochinese countries. Laos is a landlocked country, and its landscape is dominated by mountains and rivers. The Mekong River is the main waterway in the country and is the source of much fishing and farming activity, and village life. Your travel in the country will take in some of the gorgeous river and mountain scenery in the country, as well as two of the most intriguing towns in all Asia – the sleepy waterside capital of Vientiane, and the fabled monastery town of Luang Prabang. Laotian people are warm and welcoming to foreigners who are able to visit after several decades of relative isolation from much of the western world.

The travel industry is slowly developing in Laos. While the freshness and novelty of tourism in the country is why many people choose to visit Laos, it should be remembered that facilities and services do not always reach western standards. Traveling throughout more remote areas involves bumpy road travel and the use of clean but basic accommodation.