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The official unit of currency in Burma is the Kyat (MMK) and outside of Yangon and the big hotels this is the preferred currency. US dollars are also accepted widely as currency. The exchange rate varies widely between different places. The Kyat is a very fluid currency, so it is better to keep your money in USD and change it into Kyat as and when you need to.

Credit cards are not widely accepted. Hotels and some other businesses in larger cities are starting to obtain the facilities to accept credit card payments, but it is not a reliable service, a hefty service charge will apply (of 4%-10%) and the service can be withdrawn at any time. ATMs are now appearing in larger cities in Burma although these are not numerous and it is not uncommon to find them out-of-order. Traveler’s checks are not widely accepted.

Therefore, it is best to take all the money you will need for your journey in US dollars cash. When obtaining USD in cash for your vacation, you must be sure to ask for ‘pristine’ bills (i.e. new, clean, undamaged notes) issued after 2006.

It is advisable to keep receipts for any purchases as these may be required by Burmese Customs upon departure.