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Don Daeng
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An island located in the middle of the Mekong River, across from Champasak, Don Daeng has recently emerged as a popular destination for visitors keen to experience life along the Mekong. The island is ringed by eight separate villages, which are connected by an unpaved track. Sights around the island include the beautiful Wat Ban Boung  Kham, situated on the south- west coast. The wat was built  over a former Khmer shrine, indicating the island’s history.

Visitors will find adequate accommodation facilities at the community guesthouse in the village of Ban Hua Daeng, located on the northern edge of Don Daeng. There is also the luxurious La Folie Lodge, a mile south, on the west coast. Don Daeng provides easy access to the forested precincts of Wat Tomo nearby.

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