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Bolaven Plateau
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The French Colonialists found the temperate climate and rich soil of the Bolaven Plateau  particularly suitable for habi- tation and cultivation. They  planted the area with coffee, cardamom, and vegetables. This region can be explored from the town of Paksong – local coffee can be tasted here – which lies 14 miles (23 km) south of the plateau. Bolaven literally means Home of the Laven, which is the largest ethnic group that lives here. Besides the Laven, this region is home to many ethnic minorities such as the Alak and the Katu. The plateau was the site of intense battles during the Vietnam War (1954–75) and some areas, especially the Attapeu province, remain uncleared of UXO (Unexploded Ordinance). Today, the area is renowned for its waterfalls. Among the more popular are Tat Fane, a 360-ft (120-m) high cascade, and the 120-ft (40-m) high Tat Yuang, which is great for swimming. Visitors who wish to explore the area further can stay at the Tadlo Lodge Hotel, which is close to a couple of water falls. Treks to minority villages can be arranged from here as well.

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